The well is dry for this quiet town
Dust flows in the street
Memories from a day of glory’s past
The day came too soon, and the sun set so quick
Voices of those present fall one by one
The story dies a little each day

Wheels turn as the path stays still
Is this really living or is this just existence?
If the little city was turned to ash
Another tiny town built with a glimmer of hope

There’s no anthem here
Just a quiet reluctant mummer
Vocal all the same with out interrupting into chaos
There are just peaceful signs and picket signs
We gather here today for hope

And then the clouds roll in covering the skylight above
A rain will not shake us only wash us clean
We’re 70% water what the fuck will a few more drops do?
The rain never comes but the clouds roll on
We watch on as the blanket rolls closer
The ominous silent fog deafens the voices
A gentle clink echoes in the sea of faces
This came falling from the sky

The water falls down drop by drop
But it’s not raining
At least not how you know
Cries would explode form the cloud city below
If they could catch a breath

How can you claim victory by force?

Can you believe the weather outside?
You can hear the sky is falling
The darkness came soon after
As the lights came crashing down

We built the backdrop we stand before
But we didn’t paint the chaos
The happy little tree has lost it’s leaves
And the image peals from the canvas

The man behind the curtain is dead and gone
The puppet master cut the strings
The lives we live are stories we wrote
That we burn for warmth by the fire

A downward spiral lines the page
And the words are ripping away
You don’t know what to say
You don’t know where you are
The script’s in shreds
Do you remember what you’re living for?

Fill a page
Don’t leave them blank
Don’t throw them away

Flailing talking heads don’t speak ill of the dead
Just what they said was glory instead
They got their hands stained red and they sleep in the bed
Lined with the lies they fed and they sheep they led

Can you see reality?
Can you read at all?
Or is everything you think you know
Someone else’s dream?

Truth lies beneath the facts beyond and between the pages burning
Smoke rising carries the answers the questions line the sky

If you can’t stand the heat then put down the matches
 And step away from the bridge
There’s no going back once the ashes are stacked

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