Digital Purgatory
Lightning storm shocks me back to motion
Release me into digital purgatory
I am reborn a new machine
Programmed into digital purgatory
welcome to the next like
where nothing's better, nothing's real
dishonor from past lives
no one's here and no one will ever be
modern purification
cast on the venial
electric castigation
cast into the artificial abyss

Hand In Hand
what's the justification of these bloody hands?
with a memory gone they stay dead the same
the stains of live that will never fade away
leads the believers into the darkest days
on frayed wings, the cowards take flight
pointing jagged fingers at those who died in vein
a hero today, your Judas by the dawn
time stops but the signs of life decay
was so much faith in something, just to see it crumble
falling all around you, though it doesn't make a sound
a scream from the heart, never to echo out
the slowing of the circle that we travel on
brings us together just to see, we are alone
the guilt that we breathe, suffocates us all
as the final moon sets course to the stars
we'll all join blood stained handsFlighttake flight on your broken wings
they're the only thing that meant anything to you
you killed yourself living for the right
to be one of the few lucky to fight
then you lost it all, casting your stones
living in a glass life bringing down your house
so pray for another day
forgiveness is granted and it's all just thrown away

take flight to a safer place
to the only place that means anything to you
you killed them all fighting for the right
to live their lives with no end in sight
then you got it all stepping on the dead
a righteous path lined with nothing but red
so beg for another day
your life will be spared, just to be taken away

Until We Fly As Ash
A stream of caution surrounds these doors
a new tale told with each face
mystery shrouds the walls within
a sacrifice for humanity's sins

a chair lays on it's side
tossed aside as he fell away
swaying gently in the moonlight
an empty vessel, free at last

punctuated with tears
an open letter left behind
apology laced, from the heart
his final words

"each day a blur
every moment a whisper
my last good bye
until we fly
as ash-"

a symbol signed. authored by the unknown
alone he watched from a flickering window
for too long bound by captivation of cruelty
no longer to bear the guilt of being human

far beyond the hell he saw
scattered in the sky
etched in stone, in memory
his final words

"each day a blur
every moment a whisper
my last good bye
until we fly
as ash-"

Modern Art Of War
On the Roads the bodies steaming
Children screaming, anger seething
There are no more second chances
To take, all this, back

We’ve lost our lives, every one of us
We’ve lost our lives in the, name of your god
We’re cast into uncertainty
We think we’ve come so far, so, far
We’ve lost it all every one of us
We’ve lost it all, for nothing
In this, blood stained portrait
The modern art, of

All in all the spirit’s broken
Choking on the, words spoken 
Will all be right
When nothing’s left?

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